LEHRGANG Kata – Shoto Jutsu

Association open Seminar with Mohamed Oussar 7. Dan for the Kata and Jörg Thielen 6. Dan for realistic application of Kata. Topic: Kanku Dai For Funakoshi Kanku Dai was the universal Kata of Shotokan, which includes all elements. For Taekwon-Do this Kata is well known as Hyung Kong San Koon. Decoding the Kata Basic about […]

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Special Self-Defense Seminar

On November 17th 2018, the 2nd Special Self-Defense Seminar “The Way of the Warrior’s” took place in the sports hall “Große Wiese” in Arnsberg-Hüsten with 30 Master from different martial arts as well as 200 participants and numerous visitors. Also this time Shoto Jutsu – Karate Self-Defense was there with Sensei Jörg Thielen 6th Dan […]

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A.K.A.F. Winterseminar 2018

The Association of Karatekas Algeriens de France (A.K.A.F) is organizing a big winter seminar in Paris – France on 08.12.2018. For this event, Referents from Germany were invited. Kata – Sensei Mohamed Oussar 7. Dan (DKV, Gründer IKF) Kumite – Sensei Detlef Tolksdof 7. Dan (DKV) Karate Anwendungen – Sensei Jörg Thielen 6. Dan Shoto […]

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